OMNT…Boulder Opal Rondelle Bib Necklace

2013-02-02T15-12-08_7G 2013-02-02T15-12-08_5E 2013-02-02T15-12-08_3C 2013-02-02T15-12-08_1B BOULDER OPAL RONDELLE BIB

I’ve had a strand of graduated rondelle beads forever. I’ve left them until now because stringing them would be way too simple. After brainstorming and sketching some ideas, I finally found a solution that has made me happy. This kind of rondelle shape can feel limiting due to their center drilled hole. To get around this, I’ve used silver wire to turn each bead into a drop, giving the opportunity for the opal that threads through these beads to get the most exposure. The inclusions of vibrant opal are mostly very subtle, so a bright lamp work disc brings out the colour without taking away from the star of this piece.

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  1. Wendy
    Jul 22, 2013 @ 12:04:48

    I bought the glass bracelet/necklace from Sanavita in March.I have worn it four times.During a dinner party on the w/e I heard a “clinck” sound hit the floor and one of the beads was on the floor.I immedialty but it in a baggie as the strand started to unravel.Sanavita has a thirty day return policy.They will not return it.I LOVE this bracelet and would like to have it fixed.I did not treat the bracelet harshly in any way,in fact have worn it less than 5 times. Sanavita said they have sold many and this has never happened.The bracelet was 60$ and it is a shame to spend that kind of money on something worn so little.Could someone me.

    Thank you.


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